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    The new standard in wealth management

    Tigris Consulting, LLC, is a fee-only investment advisory firm registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Our clients reside both in and outside the United States. Whether advising foreign investors or U.S. residents, we guard our clients’ wealth as though it were our own by implementing prudent investment strategies that emphasize wealth preservation and growth through broad diversification, efficient portfolio management and integrated financial planning.

Managing risk & volatility

We manage risk and volatility using assets diversification.

Planning for retirement

Prudent management of your financial life will afford you the best possible opportunity to meet your financial goals.

Transitioning from growth to income

As retirement approaches perhaps the greatest challenge investors face in today's low interest rate environment is transitioning from the accumulation.

Our mission

"Partners at our firm, who include some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, engage directly with clients to deliver global investment management, strategic wealth planning, and comprehensive trust and family wealth services. Many of us have worked together for years, and all of us are committed to our culture of personal and institutional integrity."-Wissam Bilal, owner

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Municipal Bonds

Roth IRA Account

Investing in Oil

Borrowing From 401k

Investing in Gold and Precious Metal

What is Compounding Interest

Investing in Mutual Funds

Inflation Effect on Savings

Guiding principles

Tax & estate planning

Our well established worldwide position has allowed us to build lasting relationship with local CPAs, Estate Planning Attorneys and Family Law practitioners.

Guiding our clients towards the right professional in these areas and coordinating ongoing efforts regarding tax and legal matters is part of our service - and again is included in our basic asset-based fee.

Multi-strategy investing

We manage your assets with a unique approach grounded by research and common disciplined investment strategies

For most investors reaching your goals requires that you employ valid long-term strategies. Luck and intuition tend to be quickly neutralized by highly sophisticated global markets. Our approach will be clearly defined.

Fiduciary standard of care

The vast majority of the nation’s investable wealth is in the hands of investment fiduciaries.

A fiduciary is required by law to act in the best interests of their client - yet many are not even aware of their duties and responsibilities. Tigris Consulting, as a Registered Investment Advisor, is by definition an investment fiduciary - and we take this obligation very seriously.

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